Sunday, June 22, 2008

Connection Group Canoe Trip!

Our Connection Group went canoeing this Saturday and had a blast!! Here are the pics:

The Deans- Dennis and Denny

The Tates- Rusty and Rachel

The Negleys- Jonathan and Rachel

The Campbells- Brandon and Miranda

The Guys!
Left to Right: Rusty, Jonathan, Denny, Brandon, Zack, Dennis

Our Group!!

The Beautiful Buffalo River...

After watching a couple tip their canoe over the first rapids, the Tates decided to walk across the rapids!!

Man Verses Wild I and II discovering wild life.

Poor Rachel N. hurt her foot jumping off the rocks!

Amy, Miranda and Rachel T. swim across the river.

Jumping off rocks...

Zack and Amy... well, Zack with his head cut off!

Brandon and Miranda

Denny is tired, swimming across the river!

Our Group!

Zack rock climbing...

Some of our group about to jump off a bluff...

Jonathan jumps!

Rachel N. jumps!

Brandon jumps!

More climbing...

Amy jumps!

Rusty jumps!

Denny jumps!

Rachel T. jumps!

Zack jumps!

Rachel and Amy jump together!


Jonathan, Zack and Denny converse about the best way to jump...

More rock climbing...

Amy and Rachel balance on the canoe!

Miranda and Rachel do, too.

Dennis and Denny get caught in the rapids and fill their canoe with water!

All the guys come to help.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Time Fun!!

Zayde and I have been enjoying our summer with family and friends!!

Playing cards at Nana and Papa's...
Zayde with his cousins Addye and Kynzie

The Card Sharks!

Playing Hearts...

We love playing with my Grandma, because she always puts five dollars up for grabs!!



Beautiful Great-Grandma Maxwell with Zayde

Zayde and Kynzie

Swim Party!!
Zayde's friend, Brayden, turned one and he had a swim party!

Brayden the Birthday Boy...

Zayde, Amy, Ileana, Brayden

Last week, Zayde and I went to Maumelle to visit my sister, Tamara and Zayde's Cousins, Cayden, Addye and Kynzie...

We went to Wild River Country and they enjoyed playing in the water!

Bath Time!