Sunday, January 31, 2010

No Way!!

Can it be true? There is no possible way. I absolutely cannot believe it. Where has the time gone? You've got to be kidding me!

My sweet, precious, innocent, beautiful, incredible, amazing baby is THREE today!! (Sniff, sniff.) I know, I know, I am being waaaaay dramatic, but I just can't believe it! The past three years have been some of the most joyful, precious, wonderful, happy, awesome years of my life. I feel so blessed to have the husband and to be the mother of the two most incredible guys EVER...

Zayde, you have filled our home with joy, laughter, life, fun, and so much more! When I think about the past three years, and when I think about you, here is what I love:

I love your curly blonde hair and beautiful, big blue eyes.

I love your sweet, funny, playful, amazing personality.

I love that you are the biggest Mama's boy I've ever seen.

I love, that since I've been blessed to stay home the past three years, all of the wonderful mornings with just you and me snuggling, hugging and kissing in "Mommy and Daddy's big bed."

I love that you are so flexible and easy going that we've been able to take you with us to so many great places like Silver Dollar City, the beach in Florida, PRIMITIVE camping, canoeing on the river, Bikes-Blues-and-Barbque, the rodeo, driving with the top down in our convertible, hiking trails and so much more!

I love all of the lazy Saturday mornings with our little family of three, watching cartoons.

I love that we have to sing the exact same three songs every single night- ("Twinkle, Twinkle", "Row, Row" and "Jesus Loves Me This I Know".

I love watching you pray, and how you ever so seriously fold your hands together and bow your head.

I love watching you play cars and listening to you have conversations with them.

I love hearing you sing your ABC's and "Zayde's Song" (Z-A-Y-D-E, Z-A-Y-D-E, Z-A-Y-D-E, that's how we spell Zayde!)

I love how every time I come to pick you up from somewhere, you run into my arms with the biggest smile yelling, "Mommy, mommy, you're here!"

I love watching you do the same thing with your Daddy.

I love how affectionate you are, always wanting lots of hugs, always wanting to be held, always wanting to sit right next to us (or on top of us) on the couch, always bringing your toys in the same room I'm in to play (well, a lot of times anyway), always loving on us in your own, sweet way.

I love laughing together.

Zayde, I love you!!

Zayde's Birthday Pancakes... Yummy!

Zayde got a new puppy for his birthday!! He is a Sheltie and we named him, Wren. They just love each other!

Zayde now thinks he is a puppy. He locks himself in Wren's "house", and I even caught him on all fours drinking out of Wren's water bowl just like a puppy! (Don't worry, I explained how that was yucky, and he hasn't tried it again.)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Still Alive!

It's been so long since I have blogged- we are staying busy and having fun! Here are some of the things we have been up to...

Zayde is still loving preschool at the Mount Comfort "Sonshine" School! They had a Thanksgiving play and lunch, which he did not enjoy so much. He cried and shook the entire time his class was on stage! (He is the kid curled up in a ball.)

Zayde and Kynzie had lots of family join them for the lunch...

He LOVES his Papa!

We had a great Christmas this year! We were blessed to be with wonderful family and friends.

Sledding on our WHITE Christmas!

Zayde received many wonderful Christmas gifts this year, and he loves to play in the storage container that we keep his new blocks in- go figure!

We recently went to Krispy Kreme with the local "Moms" club. We got a tour, made our own donuts and enjoyed eating them!

Thanks for reading!