Monday, August 17, 2009

A few weeks ago my family had our pictures taken by a sweet friend, Miranda, of MC Photography. She did a FANTASTIC job, and it has been so hard to choose which ones to print and frame. I would print them all if we had enough wall space! Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite family picture. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Totally 80's Bunco Night!!

I am in a Bunco group this year, and it is so fun!! We try to have a theme every month and this month the theme was "Totally 80's"- hosted by my cousin, Melissa. Everyone who could dressed up and it was totally RAD!! We each made up our "80's" name and tried to talk using 80's lingo. Check out the pictures, they are cool beans....

This is Julie- a.k.a. "Val"

This is me- a.k.a. "Jessie"

This is Christy and Malory- a.k.a. "Crissy and Mal"

This is the hostess, Melissa- a.k.a.- "Baby"

This is Tiffany- a.k.a. "Cindi"

This is Tamara- a.k.a. "Tammy"

This is Amanda, Rachel and Malory- a.k.a. "Cher, Lisa, and Mal"

This is Christa- a.k.a. "Janet"

Me with two of my favorite people- my sisters!

"Crissy" got a Bunco, so she got to wear the Bunco crown!

Like, totally tubular!!

Our Group... Such a fun group!

Everyone voted for the best dressed and "Val" and "Jessie" won!!

Do you remember wearing as many watches that would fit on your arm and the multi-colored fingernail polish?!?! So rad!!