Friday, September 28, 2007

Just Because...

Zayde was awake for our morning recess this morning, so I let him down to explore his new surroundings. After checking out some leaves and pine needles, he went straight to a big red ball. He thought he was so big, trying to pick it up.

We took a trip to Branson, MO last weekend with Nana, Aunt Tamara, and Cousins Cayden, Addye and Kynzie. We went to Silver Dollar City and a late night musical show. Zayde was awesome! He loved every minute of it, just soaking in all the sights and sounds.

Nana, Kynzie and Zayde playing at Silver Dollar City.

Zayde and Kynzie having fun at SDC!!

As soon as we returned from Branson, we met Daddy at David and Jessica's. Zayde loves playing with Bichon and being the center of attention. He thought he was a King in this plush, beautiful, red throne.

Little did he know that it was actually a doggie bed!

Funny Story:
A few weeks ago, when it first started cooling off at night, Zayde went out with us for morning recess. I had stepped outside around 7:00am, and it was pretty chilly. So at 9:30am, when we go outside for morning recess, I assumed that it was still chilly. Being the overprotective mommy that I am, I just bundled Zayde right up, complete with a fleece jacket, thick socks, and stocking cap. When we got outside, the sun was shinning brightly and it was probably 65 degrees outside!! It did not take me long to shed Zayde of his very winter attire.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Throwback Thursday- High School Edition

Okay, first thing, excuse the poor quality and cheesy shapes of the pictures. They came straight out of my high school scrapbook. Second thing, please do not think any less of me after viewing this post. Remember, the events in these pictures did take place almost 10 years ago!

Gotta love the 'bob' haircut.

Spirit Week: 'Wild-n-Crazy Day'

Prom '98: Do you suppose he looks so scared because he's going to prom with a girl he barely knows, because he's the shyest guy in school, or because he's going with a teacher's daughter???

Nice 'wife beater' Zack. Amy, what's up with the denim collar?

Hunka, hunka burnin' love!

Did I think I was cute?!

Senior Year, Who's Who- Matt John and Amy Guist: "Best Dressed"

Okay Ladies, how many of you have done this? We actually went to the mall, tried on clothes, took pictures, and then left. Nobody bought a thing!! Can we say, "Dork"? Well, at least we weren't at a party getting drunk. Okay, no excuses, say it again, "Dork"!

Prom 2000: My mom made this dress, and I thought I was the hottest thing since sliced bread!

High School Sweethearts!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Amy's My Name, Crafting's the Game!

I got in the crafting mood today, and decided to put a little pizazz on some things around the house.

This is a little picture frame that I painted and covered with decorated wooden squares.

I had this letter 'H' hanging on my wall and decided to tie a little ribbon around it. I then topped it off with an old clip-on earring.

This is a candle stand that I jazzed up by decorating the candles with ribbon and embellishments.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Zayde's First Hiking Trip

Sunday afternoon Zack, Zayde and I went with David and Jessica to Fallsville, AR. We went on a 2 mile round-trip hike to the "Glory Hole". It was such a beautiful day, and we enjoyed God's creation soooo much. Zayde enjoyed every minute of it; he LOVES to be outside! It was Zayde's first hike and we will definitely be taking him on some more hikes soon.

Jessica and I rode in the back seat with Zayde. He loved that, since he is usually in the back by himself! We talked and played with him the whole way there. :)

The entire gang ready to hike!

Zack strapping Zayde in his backpack.

Zayde loved his new form of transportation! He just looked around and talked to himself. We never heard a fuss out of him all day.

The "Glory Hole". It usually has water pouring down it, but it was dry today.

We packed a picnic lunch and ate it under a beautiful bluff.

God loves all creatures big and small...

...and so does Jessica!

Zayde was so worn out from all that hiking that he fell asleep on the way back to the Jeep. :)

Sleepy Zayde on the ride home. (He was soon fast asleep)