Monday, April 27, 2009

Best Birthday Ever!

Last weekend Zack, Zayde, Bree and I went on a camping trip for my birthday. We had the best time ever! ......

Cooking over the campfire...

Zayde relaxing in his chair!

Playing around in the tent
...with Daddy

...with Bree

...with Mommy

Bree had her own place at the campsite!

Zayde enjoys breakfast.

Ready to go canoeing!!

This was Zayde's first canoe trip and he LOVED it! We will definitely be going again soon!

Bree slept the entire canoe ride...

Zayde loved to paddle just like his daddy!

Bree's still sleeping...

The beautiful bluffs.

Our family!

Hiking the Old River Trail...

We had to go across two river crossings!

The Dogwood Festival...
Petting the horses! (Actually, just mommy petting the horses- Zayde wouldn't touch them!)

Zayde loved the bounce house!

Choo! Choo! Train Ride!

Aunt Suzy, Zayde and Mimi play in the creek...

Thanks for sharing my birthday weekend with me!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maxwell Family Hiking Trip!

Despite the rainy weather, my family had an awesome time on our hiking trip. My aunts, uncles, cousins and family drove to Hobbs for a great time! We enjoyed visiting, sight seeing and playing around...

The Whole Crew- left to right
Me, TJ (cousin), Cole (cousin), Hannah (cousin), Lisa (aunt), Addye (niece), Cayden (nephew), Phisher (cousin), Logan (cousin), Robert (uncle), Cathy (aunt), Chris (cousin), Julie (cousin), Melissa (cousin), Nathan (cousin), Rocky (Nathan's best furry friend), Zayde, Tamara (sister)

After Zayde wore Tamara out, Chris carried him for the rest of the trip- thanks ya'll! (Zack couldn't come on the trip, because he was testing with the Siloam fire department. Please pray with us that he gets the job!!)

Stopping for a lunch break on the bluffs.

Walking the trail...

Cole shows us what "tree ridin'" is!

We found this fun tree that looked like the number 4!

"Holding up the tree!"

As always, Zayde took a little nap on the hike back.

Celebrating April birthday's after our adventure...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our New Puppy!

This Saturday, we added a new addition to our family- a puppy! We got a nine-week-old German Shepherd and named her Bree. Her mommy was a K9 for the Farmington Police Department and her daddy was a K9 for the Springdale Police Department, so we are hoping that she will be a special dog! She is really Zack's dog, because he had to talk me into getting her. Zayde LOVES her as do the boys in my preschool, so I think we made a good decision. I'm glad that she will have a few months to grow up around kids and get used to them. So far she has been the sweetest puppy.

At the breeders...

Just relaxing!

Playing with the boys...
JP loves Bree!

Lovin' on Zayde

My four boys... now do you see why I have my hands full!?!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!

We hope you all had a blessed Easter remembering the free gift and resurrection of our Lord!

Zack, Amy and Zayde