Monday, December 31, 2007

Murder at Mardi Gras!!

Saturday night, Zack and I attended a Mardi Gras themed murder mystery party at the McCash home. It was so much fun, with everyone dressed up to play their character. The game included many scandals, clues and evidence, with the possibility for anyone to kill the murdered. I loved seeing all of the costumes and characters that everyone played.

The Whole Party!!

The characters:

Pierre DuPre- The town millionaire who was murdered with a set of antique Mardi Gras beads.

Countess Clue and hostess of the Mardi Gras Ball (Jessica)

Cayenne Pepper- The DuPre family chef. (David)

Matthew "Gator" Crovitz- A boy from the Bayou who worked his way through law school. (Zack)

Melissa F. DuPre- Pierre DuPre's new wife from Las Vegas, who was a former Vegas waitress. (Amy)

Bourbon DuPre- A jazz musician from the French Quarter, who was hired to play at the ball. (Dean)

Alexis DuPre- Pierre's socialite daughter. A southern belle and the reigning "Magnolia Queen" at Dixie University. (Lyndsey)

J. Stephen Peek- The DuPre family attorney and Pierre DuPre's closest friend and confidant. (Craig)

Connika Gothika- An eccentric novelist and Pierre DuPre's next-door neighbor. (Carmen)

Elise St. Gresch- The young and attractive live-in maid at DuPre Chateau. (Amber)

The hosts, David and Jessica. AKA: Cayenne and Countess Clue

Zack and Amy. AKA: Gator and Melissa

Lyndsey and Dean. AKA: Alexis and Bourbon

Craig and Carmen. AKA: Connika and Stephen

Gator and Cayenne Pepper

Melissa and Countess Clue

Maid Elise and Cayenne Pepper, discussing their secrets.

Bourbon, reading a clue that he found.

Alexis, Melissa and Gator, reading their scripts.

Countess Clue

The party pointing to the murderer!!

I have never been to anything like this before, and it was so much fun!! I can't wait to do it again!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas #6

Last night we went to the McCash's to exchange gifts and hang out. We, as always, had a BLAST! They are our best friends and are so good to us.

When Zack saw this camping-saw-thing, he just had to get it for David. He said it is the perfect gift for a guy like Dave! Now they are planning a hiking trip, so David can destroy something in the woods with his new toy. :)

I made Jessica Christmas ornaments- homemade gifts are her favorite. They say: Joy, Noel and Peace.

Bichon is David and Jessica's baby, and we adore her, too. I just had to make her a 'B' to put above her doggie bed.

Jessica painted this beautiful canvas for Zayde. She didn't know it, but I have been wanting something for Zayde's room that had 'Prince' on it. I looked everywhere in Canton for something, but never found anything. This is so much better than anything I could have bought in Canton!!

She got me this beautiful picture frame and "dolled" it up for me. Love it!

Zack received his favorite game, Clue. He was so excited! Clue is a McCash-Hickman favorite, and of course we broke it in last night...

Jessica and Zack are serious about Clue...

Amy and Jessica lookin' good in green! (Well, Jessica's looking good anyway.)

Zayde with his "Auntie" Jessica!

Thank you David and Jessica for everything. We love you!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More Christmas...

Christmas with Mommy and Daddy!

Zayde loved his presents from mommy and daddy! He got his very own name-puzzle step stool. He can take the letters out, chew on them for a while and put them back in. :)

He also got a fun drum that says the abc's, plays music or talks when he beats on it!

"Thanks mommy and daddy."

Christmas #4: (with Amy's mom's side of the family)
Daddy helping Zayde open his present from Great-Grandma Maxwell

"Hey Zayde, I got one of those, too!"

Zayde loves his V-Tech musical piano!

Christmas #3: (with Memaw)
Zayde got his very own personalized suitcase!!

He loves his popper walking toy...

Mommy showing Zayde his stocking stuffers.

"I love these Gerber crackers! What else is in there, mommy?"

Zayde's not too interested, but mommy loves his new pajamas.

Zayde with his Great-Aunt Dena and cousin, Lindsey.

Zayde is ready for his nap.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Here Comes Santa Clause...

Zayde saw Santa for the first time!! I wasn't sure if he would be scared, shy or indifferent. But, he loved it! He just stared at Santa, mesmerized by his beard, glasses and outfit. Yeah, Zayde!!

Waiting in line to see Santa...

Family Photo Op...

Christmas #2:
Sunday, we celebrated Christmas with my immediate family. I was so busy video taping that I didn't get many pictures. Sunday afternoon we had lunch at Johnny Corinos and went back to Christa and Tommy's for presents, old home videos and games. It was a great day and evening with family!

Zack, Zayde and I rode with Christa's family to Johnny Corinos. Zayde rode next to Mia, which she loved! She watched him the whole ride, and then grabbed his hand and held on to it for the rest of the ride. So cute...

I was videoing and forgot to take pictures of Zayde opening his presents, but he loved his presents from his Nana and aunts...

...a learning bear, The Three Little Pigs play set, 3 board books, 3 personalized Christmas stories from Nana, PJ's and $50!!

Christmas #1:
Saturday, we celebrated Christmas with my dad's side of the family. There were 26 people!! We had a blast and Zayde loved it.

From Great-Grandma Guist: striped onesie outfit, Baby's First Christmas bib, Christmas picture frame, adorable socks, and $20!!

Papa and Zayde

Zayde and Uncle Ta-Ta