Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Zayde, Zayde and More Zayde!!

"AAHHHHH!!" says Mommy. "That's my boy!" says Daddy. Well, Zayde is pulling up. It is a constant past-time for him now. He has no problem getting up; it's coming back down that seems to be the problem. Usually, he just falls down. As much as I try to keep a constant eye on him, we have not managed to avoid all boo-boos.

"I think I can; I think I can; I think I can!"

"So what's the big deal, anyway?"

We had to adjust his crib to the very bottom notch, as he tries to climb up on the bumpers and out of the crib.

It is official, Zayde is crawling all over the place! His daddy is so proud and plays crawling games with him every night.

Zayde making one of his many silly faces.
Zayde is the smartest baby I know. He is already reading at only 6 months old! :)

Zayde is also very talented. He can even play the guitar!

Zayde has many people who love him. We are so fortunate to have lots of family and friends nearby to love on Zayde!

Zayde with his Siloam Springs "Aunt", Suzy.

Zayde with his sweet cousin, Mindy.

Zayde with his beautiful cousin, Melissa.

Zayde with his wonderful, Aunt Jessie.

Zayde with his silly daddy!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Zayde LOVES His Tongue!

Zayde has recently discovered his tongue, and he loves to stick it out. I thought these pictures of him playing with his tongue were so cute! He is quite the entertainer.

A Weekend With Jeana and Eli !!

Zack's sister, Jeana, and her son, Eli, finally got to come home a few weeks ago. They were living in California where Jeana's husband, Stanley, was stationed in the Marines. We got to meet our new nephew for the first time, and he is just precious! It was such a privilege to get to be with them for three days. I enjoyed the visit, and Zayde loves his new cousin, Eli!!

Eli Victor Mathis

Zayde and Eli enjoy a car ride together!

Zayde eats and...

Eli eats. :)

We love you Stanley, Jeana and Eli!!

Country Wedding Fun!

We went to Zack's cousins' wedding a few weeks ago, and had so much fun. It was a country themed wedding, so we dressed for the occasion!

Girls Rule, Boys Drool !

Hanging out with David and Jessica is always fun and an adventure. This night, we grilled chicken and hamburgers, then played Trivial Pursuit. (Guys against girls, of course!) If I do say so myself, Jess and I did very well. We knew two of the sports questions before the guys did, and we were not very far behind the guys with collecting our pie pieces. Well after midnight, we decided to call it quits and gave the game up to the guys. David would not quit before Jessica and I agreed that the guys won! :) We love you David and Jessica!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Still needs more practice...

Well, the day that I have been dreading and Zack has been anxiously anticipating is finally here. Zayde is learning to crawl! It is a bitter-sweet accomplishment for me. I know that it is an exciting milestone in Zayde's life, but I also know that it means future boo-boo's and constant worry for me. The pictures are of Zayde's first night to start getting the hang of it. As I was back and forth between cooking in the kitchen and checking in on Zayde in the living room, I heard him fussing a little bit. I peeked in to find him stuck under the couch! I guess he still needs a little practice to learn where he is going. :)

'H' for Holly, Horse and Hannah Montana

Zack's little sister, Holly, turned 12 years old last week. She had a birthday party at her dad's lake house with a couple of friends, her parents, Zack, Zayde and I. I made her the decorative letter 'H' for her birthday. I thought it would stand for Holly, of course. Come to find out, she is getting a Horse for her birthday and when she opened her Hannah Montana CD and Movie from her friend, she screamed with delight! Little did I know that my letter 'H' would be so versatile. I also crafted the picture frame of Zayde for his Aunt Holly and Memaw, Diana.