Monday, February 4, 2008

A Night of Mystery and Mayhem in the Wild West!

Friday night, my parents hosted our family's monthly birthday celebration with a Murder Mystery Dinner. Everyone dressed up to fit their part and tons of fun was had by all...

There is a poker tournament in the Wild West at the Deadwood Saloon. In the mix of all the happenings, there is a bank robbery and a murder!

The ladies of the party...

The men of the party...

Meet the cast and crew...

The owners of the Deadwood Saloon and hosts of the poker tournament- Harry Highstakes and Henrietta Highstakes (Charles and Carol)

Deadwood Bank Owners- Banker Bob and Banker Bonnie (Robert and Cathy)

Top poker players of the tournament- Mitch Maverick and Holly Hickok (Zack and Amy)

The Poker Dealer and the Federal Marshal- Poker Alice and Marshal Dalton (Melissa and TJ)

The Town Sheriff and a Local Poker Player- Sheriff Sam and Clay Coldwell (Paxton and Logan)

A Millionaire from the East- Montgomery Money (Chris)

A Millionaire's Wife and a Poker Player- Elizabeth Money and Gambling Jack (Jessica and David)

An Outlaw and the Saloon Bartender- Black Barbara and Billy-the-Bartender (Joann and Billy)

A Saloon Girl- Taffy Garrett (Tamara)

Wife to Gambling Jack and a Saloon Girl- Anna Belle and Sally Starr (Hannah and Lisa)

A Debutante and An Outlaw- Minnie Money and Jesse Wales (Whitney and Justin)

Dun-dun-dun!! Aahhhh! Winner of the poker tournament, Mitch Maverick is murdered!

Sheriff Sam is arresting Harry Highstakes...

Mayhem at the Deadwood Saloon: Harry and Henrietta Highstakes, Montgomery Money, and Jesse Wales are all arrested!

The mystery is solved- Montgomery Money is the murderer.

Banker Bonnie and Black Barbara are the bank robbers!


No Wild West party is complete without a cactus cake! (made by Poker Alice- Melissa)

Zayde joined in the fun, playing with Marshal Dalton. (TJ)


Jennifer said...

Wow, it looks like you all had a great time! I've never been to one of these parties before but now with you and Jessica both having one, I need to check into it. LOL

Hope Zayde had a fantastic birthday!

Mandy said...

It looks like you guys had a blast!! I love how everyone dressed the part!!!

Staci said...

What fun! After seeing Jessica's and now yours, it really makes me want to do one! By the way, you said it was a family event, are you and Jessica related?

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Jessica and I are kindred spirits (Anne of Green Gables!) and sisters in Christ. However, there is no blood relation. :) We had a few family members who were sick, so David and Jessica filled their spots at the last minute. Thanks Dave and Jess!

The Holloway Family said...

So cute! I have pictures of Mandee in the dress you wore! :) It looks like a lot of fun!!!

Jessica said...

We had fun, Amy! : ) My favorute prop was the jail cell door! : )

Leigh said...

How cute! Gosh! You and Jessica are such fun! I want to come!Ya'll have such fun!

I can say, I think Banker Bonnie hid the money in her sleeves. Those were cracking me up. I love it!

"J" said...

This is SUCH a COOL idea!!! You will have to give me the run down on how to do it!!! I would love to HOST one of these!!!! =)

Thanks for stopping by my page!!! I added you to my Fav bloggers! =) I met Jessica through the give-away blog thing she entered! We just hit it off!!!

Oh about the daughter thing...she isn't mine but I would claim her for sure! She is Mr. "S" I'm the step-whatever ou want to call me! lol
She is such a GREAT kid!!! But thank yor for the sweet comment!!!

I love all your pics of the party! I just can'tget over it!!! Toooooooooooooo coooooooool!!! Stay in touch!

Candy said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the comment!! :) I must admit I have been to your blog a couple of times before through Jessica's and just never left a comment. Shame on me! Sorry! Your little boy is just precious and I just love his name. I look forward to reading your blog again AND commenting. :)

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