Monday, June 8, 2009

Canoe Trip

Saturday was a great day for a canoe trip! We went with several people from our Sunday School class and had a blast! We ended up floating for close to 6 hours, but it flew by! Enjoy the pics:

The Group-
Denny, Christy, Dennis, Randy, Rachel, Rusty, Amy, Zack, Zayde, Bree

The Tates (Rusty and Rachel)


The Hickmans (Zayde, Amy, Zack, Bree)

The Deans (Dennis, Christy, Denny)

Zayde had an absolute blast!!

Bree made friends at every stop...

The Girls- Christy, Amy, Rachel

Relaxing in his chair...

Some of the guys taking a dip- Zack, Rusty, Randy

Zack and Bree swimming

My wonderful family!

Me and my honey!

Denny and Christy

Zayde never got fussy the entire 6 hour float! We had everyone on the river complimenting about how good he was!! We are so blessed with a fun, adventurous boy!

Beautiful scenery...

Do you see the waterfall?

Zack and Denny climbing the bluffs.

Daddy and Zayde playing in the water.

Zayde fell asleep in the canoe and took a 2 hour nap towards the end of the float!

We took Zayde to see the movie, Up, on Sunday afternoon. He loved it!


Ashlie said...

That looks like so much fun! Do you have your own canoe or do you rent one each time you go on one of these trips? Glad you had a great time!!

The Disheroons said...

it looks like yal had a lot of fun. Hopefully we are going to go canoeing this summer. It will be the boys first time. Wasn't the water really cold???? I need it to be 100 degrees before I can swim.

Staci said...

You always do the funnest things!! And you look adorable in that cowboy hat :)

Cassie said... said...

looks like you had a great, hot time! We loved up

Mandy said...

I am so impressed that Zayde did so well!! I know how it can be with a 2 year old...either wonderful or NOT! It looks like you guys had a great time! I totally need some pointers from you on how to get that amazing stomach you are sporting! 2 babies isn't agreeing with mine!! :)

Suzette said...

So many things to comment on! What a fun trip! I love all the pics.. You have such a cute little family! :)

Jessica said...

Zayde's face at the movies is CRACKING me up!!! He is such a little ham! : ) Ha, ha!

Julie said...

I loved seeing the pictures of Zayde in the canoe! He is so adorable!!

The scenery is gorgeous. I would just take a book, lay back, and let Bryan do all the work!!! :-)