Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Totally 80's Bunco Night!!

I am in a Bunco group this year, and it is so fun!! We try to have a theme every month and this month the theme was "Totally 80's"- hosted by my cousin, Melissa. Everyone who could dressed up and it was totally RAD!! We each made up our "80's" name and tried to talk using 80's lingo. Check out the pictures, they are cool beans....

This is Julie- a.k.a. "Val"

This is me- a.k.a. "Jessie"

This is Christy and Malory- a.k.a. "Crissy and Mal"

This is the hostess, Melissa- a.k.a.- "Baby"

This is Tiffany- a.k.a. "Cindi"

This is Tamara- a.k.a. "Tammy"

This is Amanda, Rachel and Malory- a.k.a. "Cher, Lisa, and Mal"

This is Christa- a.k.a. "Janet"

Me with two of my favorite people- my sisters!

"Crissy" got a Bunco, so she got to wear the Bunco crown!

Like, totally tubular!!

Our Group... Such a fun group!

Everyone voted for the best dressed and "Val" and "Jessie" won!!

Do you remember wearing as many watches that would fit on your arm and the multi-colored fingernail polish?!?! So rad!!


Tamara said...

SOOOOOO much fun!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for next month!!!!!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh!!! You girls look so HOT! I love 80's dress!!! So stinkin cute! :) And lovin the nail polish!

Campbell Crusade said...

What a fun party- you looked totally awesome! Can I borrow your outfit sometime?! =)

Christy said...

We like totally had a blast! Do you think we should just stick with the 80s theme and do it every month since it was so fun?!?! Just kidding! Can't wait for next month!

Cassie said... said...

how much fun is that! I love Bunco. I have been thinking about starting a group.

Kimberly said...

Wow~ We just had a totally awesome 80s bunco last week but you guys completely outdid us!! Your outfits are right on!
I found it interesting that while I was at walmart trying to find soemthing 80s last minute I was surprised at how much stuff they sell now that would work. There is something wrong with that isn't there!?
Looks like you guys had a blast!!

Anonymous said...

Fun! Were any of you actually in High School in the 80's?

Brittney said...

That is so funny! You girls actually look cute in the 80's clothes. I noticed they're back in, you can probably pull your outfit out of the closet in a few months and wear it around town!

Staci said...

How fun is that?!?! Love your outfit!

Jessica said...

Glad you had fun!