Saturday, August 4, 2007

One Proud Mommy!!

I have always known that I wanted to have kids and be a mom. It has been my dream since I was a child. But, I never knew just how in love with my baby I would be. One cannot fathom the love of a mother until it is experienced!
Picture Descriptions:
Zayde and Mommy at a pool party (hence the horrible hairdo :)
Zayde all decked out in his 4th of July outfit, which I thought was adorable and Zack thought was "Goofy".
Zayde concentrating on getting his foot to his mouth.
Zayde enjoying his small accomplishment!

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Karen said...

Zayde is so sweet...You look like you are just loving motherhood, I remember taking the maternity pictures of you & Zake. Time is really passing. Enjoy every phase of Zayde's growing up, he will start school, spend the night with his friends, go to college & get married before you know it, Ha!!! Thats really how fast it passes. Loveing motherhood is great...