Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Zayde, Zayde and More Zayde!!

"AAHHHHH!!" says Mommy. "That's my boy!" says Daddy. Well, Zayde is pulling up. It is a constant past-time for him now. He has no problem getting up; it's coming back down that seems to be the problem. Usually, he just falls down. As much as I try to keep a constant eye on him, we have not managed to avoid all boo-boos.

"I think I can; I think I can; I think I can!"

"So what's the big deal, anyway?"

We had to adjust his crib to the very bottom notch, as he tries to climb up on the bumpers and out of the crib.

It is official, Zayde is crawling all over the place! His daddy is so proud and plays crawling games with him every night.

Zayde making one of his many silly faces.
Zayde is the smartest baby I know. He is already reading at only 6 months old! :)

Zayde is also very talented. He can even play the guitar!

Zayde has many people who love him. We are so fortunate to have lots of family and friends nearby to love on Zayde!

Zayde with his Siloam Springs "Aunt", Suzy.

Zayde with his sweet cousin, Mindy.

Zayde with his beautiful cousin, Melissa.

Zayde with his wonderful, Aunt Jessie.

Zayde with his silly daddy!


Jessica said...

I love this post! What a hoot!! : ) The picture of Zack and Zayde needs to be framed somewhere! Too cute! Well, he is officially crawling, hu? You are going to get your excercise in! We love you guys!

Ginger said...

I love being able to see all of Zayde's new stages! Keep posting!

Karen said...

I just love all the new photo's Miss Amy. Keep us up to date. Zayde is growing right no up. And really I won't put it pass you to have him already reading, Ha!!! I bet he will be smart & do very well in school.

Brandy said...

Zayde is precious! This time is really fun, don't you think...he's a tad younger that Jordan, but it's about to get even MORE fun...Jordan is walking everywhere!