Thursday, December 6, 2007

Throwback Thursday- Cousins Edition (Maxwell side)

My family has always been very close, making it a point to not grow apart. Some of my favorite childhood memories are times spent with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We have made many memories including vacations (which is a whole new post in itself), monthly birthday parties (which we still do), dressing up, sleep overs and much more. When we all got together, I especially remember three things that my sisters, cousins and I did: play dress up, fight over who got to hold the babies first, and sleep over at my grandparents (waiting for our aunt and uncle to come into town.) Here are just a few pictures of my cousins and those memories.

The Hudgens'
Left: Chris (now 23 years old) Middle: Melissa (now 26) Right: Nathan (now 20)

Melissa Lynn Hudgens (Parks)
Melissa is now a stay-at-home mom to two adorable boys, Phisher (6) and Cole (4). She is an awesome mom! She is also extremely talented in many ways, but especially in her creativity and decorating.

Christopher Francis Hudgens
Chris is a newly-wed of 1 year! He graduated from the U of A last May, with a bachelors in Transportation and Logistics, and he and his wife just bought their first house. Everyone is so proud of the man that Chris has become!

Nathan Vaugine Hudgens
Nathan is now a Sophomore at Arkansas Tech University in Russelville. He is majoring in Parks and Recreation, which is right up his ally. He is an extremely athletic guy who LOVES to run, ride his bike and off-road in his Jeep. He can bike ride on any kind of terrain, hill side and distance. It is quite amazing!

The Martins'
Back Left: Whitney (now 20) Back Right: Tavner (now 16)
Front Left: Logan (now 13) Front Right: Hannah (now 12)

Whitney Rae Martin
Whitney is now 20 years old and defines a 20 year old! She formally attended the U of A, and is now working as a waitress at Jose's while thinking about her future. She is also a true red neck who loves big trucks and hunting! She has such a great sense of humor and is so much fun to hang out with!

Tavner Don Martin
Tavner is now a Sophomore at Elkins High School. He is a very ambitious guy, who ran his own lawn care business last summer. He also loves hunting and fishing, going as often as possible.

Logan Maxwell Martin
Loagn is now in eighth grade at Elkins High School. He is an extremely smart guy, knowing all kinds of useless trivia. He is our family comedian, keeping us all in stitches when we're together. He loves to read, play video games and take care of his family dog, Cotton.

Hannah Taylor Martin
Hannah is now in seventh grade at Elkins Middle School. She is such a sweet girl and very mature for her age. She is all girl who loves shopping and clothes!! She also loves babies- everytime she is around, I can count on her to help out with Zayde.

Left to Right: Melissa, Amy, Tamara
Growing up, we LOVED to dress up and put on a show!

We even conned Nathan into dressing up like a girl!!

My grandma had a big tub filled with old shirts, scarves, dresses and bandannas. We would dress up the younger kids and teach them dances and plays to act out for the adults. Good times... (Pictured: Whitney)

Melissa and Amy dressed up in formal wear. We even decorated the table!

Amy and Tamara holding baby Whitney. My aunt lived in Ash Flat, AR (4 hours away). So every time they came to visit, we would all fight over who got to hold the babies first!


Jessica said...

I love the picture of the boy dressed up in the dress! I'll bet he loves that now! You girls fought over who held the babies and my cousins and I fought over who got to run the make-believe cash register! Fun times! : )

Brandy said...

so cute!

Whit said...

Yeah I hear Nathan really likes that picture! lol Mine is pretty sweet too!! I didn't even know those existed!! Oh yeah and I like the red-neck comment too... lol It's definitely true!!