Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

'Dirty Dancing' is my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE movie!! It has some of the best dance scenes, music and actors. If I'm ever home alone, bored, in a bad mood and/or sad, I put in 'Dirty Dancing.' I tried with all of my might to persuade Zack to learn this dance for our "First Dance" at our wedding reception, but to no prevail. Oh well, maybe at our 25th wedding anniversary! (hee, hee:) Enjoy Ladies!!


Jessica said...

Just watching that made me smile! It is a classic! : )

Shelly said...

I love, love, love that movie! That clip just made my day!!

Leah said...

Did you see the couple on Oprah that learned "the dance" for their wedding? So funny. As they were doing the dance on Oprah, PS cut in on the guy. I think it was the "You Tube" episode.

I was not allowed to watch that movie as a kid-I was probably in elementary or middle school when it came out-my parents were VERY particular about the movies we watched, so it was like 10th grade before I ever saw it!!! Great movie!

Campbell Crusade said...

Me too! Love that one as well!!
Hey- we should have a girl movie night and watch it!!