Monday, September 17, 2007

Zayde's First Hiking Trip

Sunday afternoon Zack, Zayde and I went with David and Jessica to Fallsville, AR. We went on a 2 mile round-trip hike to the "Glory Hole". It was such a beautiful day, and we enjoyed God's creation soooo much. Zayde enjoyed every minute of it; he LOVES to be outside! It was Zayde's first hike and we will definitely be taking him on some more hikes soon.

Jessica and I rode in the back seat with Zayde. He loved that, since he is usually in the back by himself! We talked and played with him the whole way there. :)

The entire gang ready to hike!

Zack strapping Zayde in his backpack.

Zayde loved his new form of transportation! He just looked around and talked to himself. We never heard a fuss out of him all day.

The "Glory Hole". It usually has water pouring down it, but it was dry today.

We packed a picnic lunch and ate it under a beautiful bluff.

God loves all creatures big and small...

...and so does Jessica!

Zayde was so worn out from all that hiking that he fell asleep on the way back to the Jeep. :)

Sleepy Zayde on the ride home. (He was soon fast asleep)


Jessica said...

How cute did these picture come out???? SOOO cute! It was a beautiful day, wasn't it? You know me well, Amy! I do love God's creatures. In fact, I wouldn't even pull the wings off of a butterfly for a million bucks! : )

Karen said...

What fun being outdoors. Thats a really pretty place. Lots of cute pictures...

Campbell Crusade said...

Oh, that is a great trail.. our Connection Group hiked it back in the Spring when the water was running down Glory Hole. I was actually 8 months pregnant! But that didn't stop me from going.. I love the outdoors and fresh air as well!!!