Friday, September 28, 2007

Just Because...

Zayde was awake for our morning recess this morning, so I let him down to explore his new surroundings. After checking out some leaves and pine needles, he went straight to a big red ball. He thought he was so big, trying to pick it up.

We took a trip to Branson, MO last weekend with Nana, Aunt Tamara, and Cousins Cayden, Addye and Kynzie. We went to Silver Dollar City and a late night musical show. Zayde was awesome! He loved every minute of it, just soaking in all the sights and sounds.

Nana, Kynzie and Zayde playing at Silver Dollar City.

Zayde and Kynzie having fun at SDC!!

As soon as we returned from Branson, we met Daddy at David and Jessica's. Zayde loves playing with Bichon and being the center of attention. He thought he was a King in this plush, beautiful, red throne.

Little did he know that it was actually a doggie bed!

Funny Story:
A few weeks ago, when it first started cooling off at night, Zayde went out with us for morning recess. I had stepped outside around 7:00am, and it was pretty chilly. So at 9:30am, when we go outside for morning recess, I assumed that it was still chilly. Being the overprotective mommy that I am, I just bundled Zayde right up, complete with a fleece jacket, thick socks, and stocking cap. When we got outside, the sun was shinning brightly and it was probably 65 degrees outside!! It did not take me long to shed Zayde of his very winter attire.


Campbell Crusade said...
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Jessica said...

Love Zayde's Branson outfit. You know I go crazy for that cute, preppy stuff!! : )

P.S.- You are a great mom! : ) Don't you ever think twice about it.

Leah said...

So, in the first pictures, was it cool enough for a hat outside in NWA? If so, I am so envious!!! I want cooler weather here, and it's not coming. It's still in the 80s. Not as humid as it has been, but still short-sleeved weather. I'm ready for REAL fall!!!

Campbell Crusade said...

Loved all the picts in Branson! You are such a good mommy to Zayde. He loves you so much.. you can just tell in those big blue eyes when he looks at you.
Thanks for sharing ;-)

Karen said...

Those pictures are so cute of Zayde sitting in Bichon's basket, Bichon didn't seem to mind, ha!!!so cute...