Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Peep the Jeep

Zack bought his first vehicle last night!! He was so excited! It is a '97 Silver Jeep Grand Cherokee. The lady who sold it to us named it "Peep the Jeep", so that's what we'll call it, too. :) This is the first vehicle that Zack has ever had to call his own, not to mention that it is, BY FAR, the nicest vehicle he has ever had. Zack has driven some doozies over the last 8 years, so he deserves to finally have a decent vehicle. This vehicle is just loaded with all kinds of great features: a rear view mirror, working seat belts, doors that lock, windows that roll down (they're even power windows and locks!), a working radio AND cd player, an exhaust pipe that doesn't backfire every time he shifts, tires that aren't going to fall off while he's driving down the road, a trunk hatch that he doesn't have to prop up with a piece of firewood. The car behind him won't pass out from the fumes. He won't have to fill up with gas every two days, and he won't have to put oil in it every week! If you are not familiar with Zack's past vehicle experiences, these are all things he has dealt with in every vehicle he has ever had. Zack is such a hard worker and a WONDERFUL husband and dad, so I am thrilled that he has been blessed with the opportunity to get a good, reliable vehicle that he won't be embarrassed to get in and out of. :) Congratulations, Babe!!

Zack finally has his "manly" vehicle!

Zack showing us how the back hatch stays open all by itself!

What a beauty!

A real trunk that can hold more than a stroller!!!

Wood grain trim and heated leather seats. (Oohhh, Aahhh)


Karen said...

Hello Miss Amy. I'm so proud of you & Zack. Thats great that Zack can get new wheels. Did you trade in your car? I'm so happy for you guys.

Jessica said...

So glad you came by to show it to us last night! Conratulations!

Tamara said...

I am so glad Zack finally got a nice car. He definitely deserves it b/c he works SO hard! I can't wait to see it in person.

Campbell Crusade said...

Congrats!! I love the color... Jeeps are so much fun.. they can go anywhere and everywhere.. have fun!