Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chritmas Outfits

Nana (my mom) bought all of the grandkids new Christmas outfilts! Saturday afternoon my mom and I spent over two hours shopping for the grandkids' Christmas outfits. It was so much fun!! We found the cutest plaid skirts for the girls and matching argyle sweaters for the boys. They are taking group pictures next Friday, and they will all coordinate very well. I can't wait! Thanks, Nana!

Coordinating Outfits...

Zayde's Outfit
(They did not have the sweaters in his size or the sweater vest in the bigger boys' sizes.)

Paxton and Cayden's Outfit

Addye, Mia and Kynzie's Outfits

The group pictures are soon to come!


Jessica said...

Fun! I LOVE argyle!

Brandy said...

So cute!! Zayde will be a doll, per usual!

Karen said...

I can't belive we are taking about getting ready for another Christmas, time really does pass so fast, even when you get older. I remember being a kid & feeling I like time went so slow.

Leah said...

What cute outfits!!! I know your family Christmas pictures will turn out great!