Thursday, November 1, 2007

Throwback Thursday- Halloween Edition

This "Halloween Throwback Thursday" is of old, dug up pictures of anybody and everybody I could find in my mom's old photo albums. Enjoy...!

My oldest sister in the early 80's with her friends:
Big Bird, Tweetie Bird, Clown, Ernie and Ernie

Christa Ernie

My dad dressed up as a "Hobo" in the 80's.

My mom dressed up as a "Hobo" in the 80's.

Christa, Amy and Tamara dressed up as aliens???

Amy, Christa and Tamara dressed up as clowns. (My mom made the clown suits.)

Punk Rockers!! This is my Aunt Lisa and her husband, Ron, in the early 90's.

Hippies, Christa and Tamara, (in High School).

"Cowboy" Paxton

Toy Story's, Woody (Cayden) and Buzz Light Year (Paxton).


Jessica said...

I am cracking up over those alien heads! Soooo funny!!

Mom said...

Amy was Big Bird, Christa was Tweety Bird, and Tamara was one of the Ernies.

Campbell Crusade said...

How funny! My family was actually at the same Halloween party that your parents were at when they dressed up as hobos... I recognized the pictures of them! We were just little girls them - I think I came dressed up as a pumpkin. How fun to look at our parents back then the same ages we are now-- why don't we have a custume party!! Maybe next year we can plan one ;-)

Tamara said...

Oh how fun!!! I just love Halloween! We had some great costumes didn't we?!?!