Thursday, November 8, 2007

Throwback Thursday- Family Vacation Edition

Growing up, my family took many family vacations. I know it was a sacrifice for us to go, but my parents always wanted the best for us. We enjoyed being together and experiencing many neat places wherever we went...

This was one of many trips to Colorado where we loved to snow ski. This particular trip was with our church youth group.

My dad, Charles

Roxanna and Tamara

Katie and Amy

Christa and Bobby

This was a vacation to Florida that we took with another family from church.

Hanging out at the beach.

An awesome water park that we went to. Tamara is in the water waving.

We ate at the restaurant, Fudpuckers.

Another family vacation to Colorado to snow ski.

My mom and dad, Charles and Carol

Dad, Christa, Tamara, Amy

Amy, Tamara, Dad, Christa

Amy and Tamara enjoying lunch at the food court.

Enjoying dinner at the lodge restaurant.

Our family vacation to Las Vegas...

This is Paxton and me looking out of the airplane window.

...Caesar's Palace

Amy, Christa, Tamara and Paxton

Having fun at the Excalibur...

Family vacation to St. Louis...
The Arch

...watching the St. Louis Cardinals play baseball

Visiting a meat market... (even then I didn't care for meat)

This is a trip that my grandparents, mom and Aunt Cathy took all of the kids to Colorado for sight seeing. We stayed at a campground called, Fun Valley. We visited many neat places, water tubed, and met lots of boys. :)

Tubing with some of the boys we met.

We stopped on the side of the road and fed these very tame deer.

Traffic was stopped due to farmers herding their sheep across the road.

...sight seeing

My mom and I took a vacation to New Orleans with my Aunt Aulois and Cousin Alex.

Aunt Aulois, Cousin Alex, Amy, Carol

...the River Walk in New Orleans

One of many extended family vacations to Galveston.

'Da Beach...

Christa holding a baby shark.

One of many family vacations to New Mexico where we camped, water rafted and snow skied.

Family Vacation to Orlando, Florida where we visited Disney World, Cypress Gardens and much more!

Cypress Gardens

Tea Cup ride at Disney World

Dad, Christa, Tamara, Amy

We also took a fun vacation to Chicago where we did lots of neat sight-seeing, but I couldn't find the pictures.


Campbell Crusade said...

What fun memories! LOVED the spiky yellow snow hat on you- snow skiing is a blast :-)
Family vacations make some of the best memories... I can't wait to start taking our girls on trips...Julie would love that!

Jessica said...

I think you and I had the exact same childhood! We vacationed in Colorado, New Mexico, Florida, you name it.... Vacationing is still my VERY favorite past time. When I think of having kids, traveling is the first, most exciting thing I can think of doing with them. We should plan a trip for the 5 of us!!! : )

Tamara said...

Oh, what fun memories!! I about started crying. (might be b/c of the lack of sleep) I made Drew look at all the pictures & told him I can't wait to take family vacations. I asked him if he could wait & he said yes b/c he wants to wait until the kids are old enough to remember the vacations. Those are definitely some of the best memories!! Thanks Mom & Dad!