Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Party for a Princess

Kynzie Lasha turned one year old yesterday. She had a princess party to celebrate...

Kynzie, the birthday princess!

A table set for a princess!

There are so many people that love Kynzie and wanted to celebrate with her. So, there were three cakes!

Princess Cake from Harps...

Homemade chocolate cake, mmmm!

...and Kynzie's very own individual cake.

Other princesses that attended...
Addye, Mikaela, Mia

Zayde surrounded by the girls!

Kynzie received many great gifts!

...a jack-n-the-box, board book,

pink boots,

a suitcase (which she wanted to play inside of), she also got a sweater, pj's, hairbow holder, xylophone...

She loved it when we sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She was so intrigued.

Cake time!

At first, she wasn't sure what to think about the cake...

Then, she decided she loved it and even shared some with her big sister.

Too cute for words!!

She was so glad that all of her friends came. She kept trying to play with this little girl's tongue.

Zayde and Nana (You know I have to throw a few pics of Zayde in!)

Mia and Melissa playing with a balloon.

One of Kynzie's friends... Even though she was camera shy, I thought she was too cute not to picture.

Great-Grandma Maxwell and Zayde

My beautiful cousin, Melissa and beautiful grandma, Joann (you would never guess her age; she looks AWESOME- I've always thought that my grandma is so pretty)

Princess Becky modeling the jewelry.


Jessica said...

I love Kynzie's dress! It looks really soft and plush.

Mandy said...

Kynzie is adorable! It looks like she had such a good 1st birthday!!! We are actually having Tayson's 1st birthday party next Saturday and the theme is "The Prince is turning one!" I have had a really hard time finding prince themed things...there is lots of princess, but not a lot of prince! Do you guys have big plans for Zayde's 1st b-day?

Leah said...

Oh, fun...Zayde will be having one of those sooon!!!

The Holloway Family said...

I am absolutely in love with those little pink boots!!!! As much as I'm hoping for a boy the next time around--girls clothes are soooo much fun!! (You can tell that by the ridiculous amount of clothes that my little girl has!)I bet Zayde loves being surrounded by all that pink! :)

Evan & Leah said...

Thanks for the encouragement...and for the record, I wasn't thinking of anyone specifically that brought their babies in the church service!! Oh, well...I'm sure I will eat a lot of words now that I am a mom! At least I can laugh about it! :)

Tamara said...

What an adorable, precious little girl!!! Will you e-mail me the pictures? Yours are much better than the ones Drew took! Kynzie's party was a blast & I can't wait for Zayde's!!