Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Throwback Thursday- Sister's Edition (Younger Years)

This "Throwback Thursday" is dedicated to my sisters, Christa and Tamara. We are all very close and like best friends. I love them so much and don't know what I would do without them.
*Note: My mom made almost all of the dresses that we are wearing. She loved to have us matching!

Christmas 1982
Christa-4-1/2, Tamara-2-1/2, Amy-8mo.

Hanging Out...
Tamara-3, Christa-5, Amy-1

1983 (Outfits made by mom)
Tamara-3, Amy-1, Christa-5

Christmas 1983 (Mom made these dresses)
Christa-5-1/2, Tamara-3-1/2, Amy-1-1/2

Playing at the park...
Christa-6, Tamara-4, Amy-2

Easter 1984 (Dresses made by mom)
Christa-6, Tamara-4, Amy-2

Amy-3, Christa-7, Tamara-5

First Cabbage Patch Dolls!
Amy-3, Tamara-5, Christa-7

Horse Back Ride on Dad!
Tamara-5, Amy-3, Christa-7

Spring 1985
Christa-7, Tamara-5, Amy-3

Dressed up for church. (I think mom made these dresses)
Tamara-5, Amy-3, Christa-7

Horse back riding at a friends's farm, November '85.
Amy-3-1/2, Tamara-5-1/2, Christa-7-1/2

December 1985: Aunt Lisa's Wedding
Dresses made by my mom and grandma.

Amy: Flower Girl-3-1/2, Christa: Candle Lighter-7-1/2, Tamara: Flower Girl-5-1/2

Summer 1986
Christa-8, Tamara-6, Amy-4

First Day of School
Amy- Kindergarten, Christa- 3rd Grade, Tamara- 2nd Grade

Christmas 1987 (Dresses made by mom)
Tamara-7-1/2, Amy-5-1/2, Christa-9-1/2

Christmas 1988 (Dresses made by mom. She had a matching one, too!)
Tamara-8-1/2, Amy-6-1/2, Christa-10-1/2


Brandy said...

Cute!! You have a lot of pictures! I am nearing the end of my personal supply and am going to have to go to my mom's and dig for more, as TT cannot suffer! :-)

Karen said...

Such pretty girls, I know your parents are so proud of you all. The years have passed & now you all are grown up with children of your own. Such is the cycle of life. I enjoy all your pictures....

Jessica said...

Okay. The picture of you on the monkey bars has me in hysterics!! Your little legs are so cute! I am fully expecting you to be on the sewing machine now, making ties and vests for Zayde. I know you can. : )

Campbell Crusade said...

What fun memories! I loved all of your pictures...definetely makes me want to go dig through the ones of Rachel and I. Being a little girl is so much fun! Pictures are so great to put you right back in the past. I remeber going to Sang Avenue Baptist and remember you and your sisters at that age. That was the good 'ole days!

Gary and Kellye said...

I can definately relate to the joys of sisterhood. Some of my happiest memories are with my own two sisters. Isn't it amazing how your sisters (who you once thought were only put on this earth to annoy you) end up being your best friends?

Mom said...

The Easter '84 dresses were made by Grandma Maxwell. She had a hand in helping to make a lot of the clothes that I made for you girls...all the way up to the bride's maids dresses!